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Final Fantasy: Annivarsary Edition - Review

Damn I was hyped for this game, being a Final Fantasy game I haven't played before, and for PSP. It certainly is different to most FF's when in battle, choosing characters, and more. But, it has a few flaws that downgrade the game a little...


A fairly unique thing to this FF is the Characters. You don't start with one guy and travel around finding more party members, what you do is, you pick the name AND class for ALL FOUR Characters, and stay that way until you upgrade to a more advanced version. Prloblem is, all your characters are 'Silent Protagonists', as in, they never say a word. Although they do things like hold up Items in the cutscenes and the occasional '!' after some dramatic reveal.


There are six jobs to choose from, no hidden jobs found in the game, and they can't switch between jobs after you start the game. Here are the Jobs and their upgrades:


Basic fighter, but still Awesome. You might notice them doing a lot of damage and recieving almost none in return. When upgraded to a Knight, It becomes even MORE awesome, and can use up to level 4 White Magic.


Thieves are underated, I think. they may have low defence, but they have great Accuracy, Speed and evasion. Hell, His strength is on par with the Warrior. Funnily enough, thieves in this game don't have Steal. When upgraded to a Ninja, he gains access to level 5 Black Magic, and can use Katanas.

Monk/Master Monk:

If I remember correctly, Monks were seen as the WORST class in the original FF, but this seems to be fixed. They may have low defence, but these guys hit HARD, harder than a Warrior and that's just his FISTS! When upgraded to master monk, he will be a great asset in physical battering. Too bad he NEVER has access to magic at all.

White Mage/White Wizard:

Classic White mage. Provides support for the party, and does it well, but as usual, low defence. Still, the Dia/ra Spells help ward off those pesky undead monsters, the Heal/ara/aga Spells heal the entire party, and can use useful Buff spells, although she (I assume this character is a she because I find it hard to tell with this sprite, but then it would be the only female character...) can only use up to level six White Magic. Fortunately, that's what class upgrades are for! When she is upgraded, she can use all eight levels of White Magic, gaining access to Healaga, Diaga, and Holy.

Black Mage/Black Wizard

Even moar classicness in the form of the Black Mage, these guys eventually become the most over powered job in the game. From the -Ra offence skills and up, they can hit all enemies, and the enemies tend to die in one hit, maybe two, unless they're a boss, in which case, the BM can Haste Physical Hitters (Haste increases the amount of hits in one attack, not speed) Since the Boss is most likelyresistant to magic. When upgraded, A BM can use Flare, The strongest Spell, and hits all enemies. Overpowered, yet still Awesome.

Red Mage/Red Wizard

A mix between the Mages and a warrior, these guys excel at none. They can learn both types of magic, but they only have access to level 5, and when upgraded, level 7 spells, and some are restricted even then. Fortunately, they're not completely useless in physical combat.


Magic is slightly different here. You have the choice to buy four spells for your mages, but you can only buy three. So you have to choose carefully (especially Red Mages).

There are eight levels of magic, each with three slots, and the stronger you are, the higher the level of magic.


The world is in a state of unbalance, monsters roam the world, a princess is in danger, and four travellers (your guys), known as the warriors of Light, must save said princess (Which is pretty much the first thing you do) then travel said world, slaying monsters and elemental fiends, and restore the Crystals and bring balance back to the world. Simple right? Well, hate to dissapoint you, but it's not. Usually, you get a clue as to were to go next, but most of the time, you can't figure out were the hell to go. Some of the dungoens are overly large and maze-like. It took me over a month too figure out where to go in the Final Dungoen! And the battles, the 900000 random battles you fight.... Normally, I don't mind battles, but when i'm running out of Potions and Ethers, i'd rather get the hell past this area and restock, but every other step I fight nine wolves.Grrrrrrr.......

At least in a re-run of the game, you pretty much remember where to go.


The game has approximately 39 songs, and some are quite good. Prelude is the classic FF melody, and the classic FF Victory fanfare (You just got pwned FTW!... Yeah, unofficial lyrics) and some borrowed music for some new content. The boss themes from FF3, 4 and I assume FF5. It also has FF5's Battle at the Big Bridge theme (Gilgamesh), and FF6's The decisive battle.

There's a lot of music to hear during the game and when you eventually beat it, you unlock the Extra Menu, which includes the BGM among other things...

Art Gallery

Just some pictures here, nothing too interesting...


Info on all the 203 monsters you killed. Anything you haven't seen is ????? until you kill at least one.

I guess that's it then. Overall this game scores an 8/10. Hard to find your way around the first time, but quite fun nonetheless.

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